“Why is fundraising important to me?”  Supporting NCGSA fundraisers saves you money by keeping annual registration fees down.  NCGSA tries to remain one of the lowest priced leagues in Northern California.  But lately, the lower fees have not been enough to cover rising expenses. 

Registration fees pay for:

  1. Registration advertising and administration expenses.
  2. Liability Insurance - costs between $10 and $20 per player, (price tends to increase each season).
  3. Jersey and visor for each player, plus 3 sets per team for coaching staff.
  4. Background checks for each board member, plus 3 per coaching team.
  5. Field and portable toilet rentals- unavoidable for locations without facilities.
  6. Coach’s Mandatory Preseason Training (hosted by valuable experts).
  7. NCGSA Website maintenance fees.
  8. Board member attendance at monthly and annual NorCal meetings.
  9. Income tax preparer fees and routine office supplies.
  10. Umpire fees (Mini Minors – Majors).
  11. Showdown Tournament awards (Mini Minors – Minors).
  12. Equipment Upgrade Program:  with fundraising help in SPRING 2013, we were able to purchase NEW GEAR FINALLY!! The more we put into this program, the more value we can take out of it!!

**So how can YOU help??**

This year we are EXCITED to announce we will be selling delicious chocolate candy bars.  At $1 a piece with the proceeds going directly to the NCGSA, these treats practically sell themselves!  

Fundraiser Details


  • Each player will be issued one box of Candy bars to sell at beginning of season.
  • Players will expected to sell minimum of 1 box.  Additional boxes will be issued once monies are collected from first box. 
  • Tentative deadline of opening day will be instituted to collect all fundraising monies.  More details to follow.
  • Exciting prizes will be handed out to top 3 fundraisers!
  • It is mandatory for all players to participate this season, the league is counting on the girls to step up and help support the NCGSA.  Please support our community and our league by taking an active role in helping our players all reach the goal of selling at least 1 box of candy bars.  The girls love to help pitch in and be a part of the league that provides them with so much joy.  We (NCGSA) have worked long and hard to come up with this idea to make fundraising easier on each families pocketbook, so please get on board with this fundraising drive!  Details will be made available as to how to get your candy bars once teams are formed and will be communicated out by the league and coaches. If every player sells 1 or 2 boxes of candy, our program could make THOUSANDS of dollars!! What a difference that could make for enrollment costs next year!!
  • Lack of participation will result in a $30 charge to your Team Sideline account.

    Put a box of candy out at the office or at your social gathering place to support the NCGSA!